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Exclusive Services

We don't just land your dream car in NZ, we can help you find it, modify it, service it and repair it too.  Check out what we can do for you!

Vehicle Sourcing

Don't know where to start looking for your dream American car? With years of knowledge and a network of contacts in the USA, let us help you track down exactly what you're after



Not just cars - we ship boats, jetskis, motorbikes, even ride-on lawnmowers and skimobiles!  We ship from Long Beach, Los Angeles directly to Gore


Freight Forwarding

Found some parts that are too big to air freight or they won't ship to NZ?  Seen something on Amazon that can't be shipped here?  Wife after some hard to come by shoes or perfume? You buy it, have it sent to our Los Angeles location and we can arrange to have it sent in our next container


On-site MPI devanning facility

Our containers are landed at our Gore site, with MPI inspections and border checks taking place on-site.  As an MPI approved Transitional Facility and Accredited Persons, we are also able to offer a container devanning service to fellow importers. Forklifts, hoists and steam cleaner all on hand for imported goods


South Island wide vehicle transport

Let us save you the hassle of hiring a trailer unlikely to fit that new car you just bought in Nelson, as well as the long journey - with a low loading trailer large enough to fit even the longest and widest American classic, we can offer a vehicle transport service South Island wide


Air suspension parts and install

Let us take your car to the next level - we can supply and install a range of air suspension kits to suit any budget.


Certification and compliance pre check

Working alongside our trusted partners we can offer in house border inspections and body certification



For over 10 years we have been supplying 2 post car hoists all over NZ.  With a 4500kg lift capacity and both a clear floor and open top option, they are an excellent addition to your workshop or garage


New & Used parts

We have a wide array of parts, panels and glass in stock, both new and used.  If we don't have it in stock we can find it for you locally or overseas.  With a yard full of bits and pieces collected over the last 50 years we may even have things you can't find elsewhere!


Mechanical repairs, brake & suspension work, carb servicing & repair

Not only do we supply the parts, but we can fit them too.  We'll get your pride and joy running like a dream


Tyre fitting & balancing

Bring us your tyres and mags and let us fit and balance them.  We also sell a selection of mags and tyres, or we can import to order


Bead blasting

Let us make your parts look as good as new


Steam cleaning

With our outdoor hoist, we can ensure the underside of your vehicle is spotless in preparation for repairs, repair certification inspections or WOFs

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